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Special Pride

Bridging distances to bring special needs families together to connect, discuss and inspire. Team special pride wants to create a platform that can help parents, teachers and doctors connect and share there experiences, spread awareness, debunk stereotypes associated with spcial needs to help the special need community at large.

Client:Special Pride
Project type:Social Media Management and Content Management
Website: Special Pride


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Increase in Website Traffic


Bringing families, teachers and doctors connect and share there experiences about special needs and debunk stereotypes associated with spcial needs.


This sector is relatively nascent in India; the awareness about these problems is relatively very low in comparison to the developed countries. We devised a video and content strategy centralized around #SpecialKidsWithSpecialSkills and Spread the Awareness campaign, these campaigns showed motivational stories of success beyond all odds and the campaign has been a run away success. This campaign gained support from developed countries like USA and UK. People from these countries came on board started utilising the platform to spread awareness. This coulpled with organic traffic started building the traffic on the website. Our content strategy included Myths Buster, self help guides, infographics, myth busters, Q&A sessions, parenting tips etc. The Q&A section of the website has been a huge success with people from across the geography share their experieces and tips about special needs.



Increase in Video Views: 770%
Increase in Website Traffic: 100%

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