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My Whole Child

My Whole Child provides integrated center for kids with Special Needs like Autism, Learning Disability, Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy etc. Dr. Naveen Mehrotra (Spokesperson of American Academy of Pediatrics) and Ms. Hem Gupta brought the western style of treatment for kids with special needs to India.

Client:Dr. Naveen Mehrotra
Project type:Social Media Management and PPC


Organic Increase in Facebook Likes


Increase in Lead Numbers


Increase the awareness about the problems in schools, amongst young parents and clinics. This sector is relatively nascent in India; the awareness about these services is relatively very low in comparison to the western world. In our culture these problems are considered to be taboo and people don't want to acknowledge that their kid has a problem and needs help, there was a need to change the way people perceive things.


We conceptualized #BreakingStereotypes and Spread the Awareness campaign, which shed light on the Myths and the Reality and encouraged them to share the awareness to help people understand more about these problems and the probable solutions. In addition to this we created self help guides, infographics, myth busters, Q&A sessions, parenting tips etc.



Increase in Like Numbers: 753%
Increase in Lead Numbers: 100%

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