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SEO Begins with building a search engine friendly site. Appropriate structure and content is the new key to high rankings and having the appropriate traffic on your site. Blow away your competition with simple tactics to put you atop local or national search results.

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We put all our energy towards improving the user experience on the website and provide content which is in accordance with the user intent. Search engines like Google or Bing pay greater emphasis on the intent and not just the keyword alone. An example if you are an online shopper and you search for Amazon they will show Amazon website and not Amazon River. Likewise if you are searching for kindergarten for kids Google would show you the best school nearby based on your IP address or GPS coordinates. What has changed in SEO over the years? Well the answer is except name and basic idea to provide best search result everything else has changed. Google has been using machine learning for over 2 years now and this machine learning is processing most of the never used before search terms. SEO's like us try to optimise the website using the user first, mobile first intent and invest heavily in creating amazing relevant content that gets natural shares which will help businesses get better SEO rankings and improve the traffic on the website and let business owner’s sleep in piece with no fear of next Google update. Following things we do before strating a SEO campaign

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